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Learn How to Play and Trade Pokemon Card and Decks!

Start collecting Pokemon cards and build a great collection only here on Pokemon TCG Online! Master the art of trading and dealing with different types of cards and build a powerful deck that can beat other players in the game. To start a game, just choose from either Fire, Water or a Grass deck. The game is easy, and you can just learn the rules and tricks as you play along. Once you get the hang of Pokemon TCG Online, you can start building your own Pokemon card collection and customize your own decks.

Customize and Save Your Cards and Decks in Pokemon TCG Online

You can also earn new cards, unlock new booster packs and trade with other players to build your card collection and establish a strong deck. Players can also customize the look and design of the cards and their deck boxes! Players will never lose cards or decks because every collection is stored in the player’s personal Pokemon Trainer Club account. The account can be accessed in different devices, so players can switch anytime without starting over again.

Challenge Players From Different Parts of the World

 If you think you have built a strong deck with powerful Pokemon cards at that, you can start challenging other players to a tournament and show off who’s the real Pokemon master online! Win rounds through your strategic skills, Pokemon knowledge, and a unique collection of cards.
If you are not yet ready for a real Pokemon card match, you can practice playing against AI! While practicing, you can start building a card collection and prepare a powerful deck that can possibly beat other players in a real online match. Become the very best Pokemon master and trader on Pokemon TCG Online! Practice with AI, build your collection and conquer tournaments against other online players.

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