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Test your fighting and survival skills on the Last Shelter: Survival! Navigate the game’s post-apocalyptic Zombie-infested world, build a survivor shelter. Then meet the other remaining survivors, recruit and train them for combat, and build your own empire. Lead your small team of survivors. And turn them into skilled warriors and conquerors that can successfully survive this harsh, devastated world full of the undead.
Train more survivors, form troops, strengthen your base, and protect your empire from further Zombie attacks. Wage a worldwide war against other players online, create your own strategy, and use more shooters and tankers to win battles. Read on for a free Last Shelter Survival gameplay guide, tips, and tricks now. Download Last Shelter Survival game on PC for free!

Last Shelter Survival Game Features:

Build The Last Shelter Survival

Last Shelter Survival is more than the usual Zombie fighting game. In this game, you actually have to learn how to survive and live in a thriving community along with many other survivors. Aside from protecting yourself from Zombie attacks, players need to rebuild a livable community that is self-sustaining at the same time. Build a base, hospital, houses, lookout towers, training centers, farms, water and oil wells, military camps, and more.
By establishing a thriving community, more survivors will flock to your area. These survivors can be trained to act as protectors, soldiers, heroes, and builders of the community. The aim here is to not just kill zombies but to survive as a community as well. Your community needs food, water, oil, wood, electricity, and iron as regular provisions to survive and thrive.

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Train and Manage Zombie-Fighting Troops

Zombies can surround your community every day and night in Last Shelter Survival. But most especially at night! This is why you have to establish a strong military force for your community. You can build an army out of the survivors that can be recruited and trained for combat. Heroes can also enter your community too. These characters have unique skills that can kill hordes of Zombies faster and easier. Train your men in military camps, and arrange their formation before deploying them out against the undead.

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Recruit and Upgrade Heroes

Heroes are useful in battles, production, and construction activities. Some Heroes will arrive at your base voluntarily, but you may also recruit more of them from the Heroes Hall with recruitment tickets. You can also build an exclusive Heroes facility once you progress far in Last Shelter Survival. Heroes are not made equal, and the type of recruitment ticket you have will dictate which type of hero you will get. Super gets you a superhero, while advanced gets you an advanced hero. Normal tickets will only get you an average or normal hero.

Last Shelter Survival Tips and Tricks:

Complete Main Quests to Progress Faster

It would seem that there is a lot of stuff going on in Last Shelter Survival. Zombies are outside your fences, and your base needs to be repopulated with more buildings and facilities. However, all these can wait. Just let the game take its course by following the main quests of the game. The main quests actually double as a tutorial guide for you to build a better community. You will definitely progress faster when you complete these quests in order. Aside from that, you will get rewards after every accomplished quest!

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How to Earn Free Items and Points

Your community needs provisions in order to function and survive. This includes food, water, electricity, oil, wood, and iron. You can also get coins and cash in the game. These resources will deplete if you are not resourceful enough. So you have to find ways to earn extra resources whenever possible.
Of course, you get free resources by completing main quests. Aside from that, performing daily tasks and participating in limited time events will get you free items, points, and coins. You also get to have a daily supply of goodies by redeeming them in the daily supply tab each day.

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