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If you are a fan of the epic Five Nights at Freddy’s survival horror game, then you are surely going to like the game featured in this page. Bear Haven Nights Horror Free PC from SunRay Games is a new game inspired by the Five Nights series. This game features the classic jump scares and eerie scenes that made teddy bears and mascots as stuff for nightmares.

Interactive Environments

Bear Haven Nights Horror PC requires more than just your reflex and observation in order to survive. Unlike Freddy’s, this game encourages players to interact with their environment. Activities like fixing electrical circuits, answering the telephone, doing routine rounds in the vicinity and so much more are also featured in this game.

Ever Expanding Adventure

Another feature that separates Bear Haven Nights Horror Free desktop download from other franchises is the ever-expanding nights or levels. Instead of making a sequel, the developer has decided to expand the base game, which is a win for the community. The game now has a total of eight nights, more characters, and locations. Try to survive Bear Haven Nights Horror Free desktop download for free by just clicking on the download button on your screen
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